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About Us

AllFlavors Supreme Foods was established in 2018. We manufacture premium quality snacks in affordable prices to everyone. We use high-quality ingredients, top-quality machines and advanced techniques to reach and maintain our products' premium quality. We care about helping the environment and using sustainable practices. Our goals is to become a leading food manufacturer and an integral part of the Nigerian food manufacturing industry


AllFlavors Supreme Foods is a leading premium snacks manufacturer in Nigeria. As the demand for quality, healthy and delicious snacks grows, we help to fulfill that demand.  We pride ourselves on supporting local farmers and our ability to provide premium-quality products made high-quality ingredients, advanced machines and techniques. Our fascination for delicious and distinctive products is what drives us along with our commitment to outstanding quality and innovative ideas. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients and our emphasis on strengthening our company through our core values are why AllFlavors Supreme Foods should be your first choice as a supplier of snacks.


Our mission

We aim to provide factual information about our products concerning quality, health and wellness, food safety, and sustainability. We strive to get better every day by providing the best products all-year-round. We will continually strive to be a successful company for the growth and benefit of our customers, vendors, employees and the community. 


Integrity: Our company is founded on the principles of trustworthiness and ethical practices. We strive to be honest, fair, and open with all our partners to earn their respect.

Customer satisfaction: Our priority is consistently providing top quality products to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Leadership: We are innovators and will set standards in our industry.

Growth and learning: AllFlavors Supreme Foods is a place for opportunity and growth as we create an environment where everyone can express their vision, ideas, and goals.


Our vision is to be among Nigeria’s leading manufacturers of the finest quality products and a source of distinctive food products, bringing health and happiness to families.

At AllFlavors Supreme Foods, our products are promoted with honesty and integrity without making any false or misleading claims. At the heart of our drive for success are our core values, corporate culture, and our shared philosophy.

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